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Let's Talk About It with Lori Streator

Nov 9, 2020

Lisa Seid, LMFT aka The Mindful Psychotherapist is a licensed psychotherapist from Fort Lauderdale, Florida specializing in anxiety, stress and trauma, particularly related to relationship and family issues (past or present) and the owner of Mindful Life Solutions, LLC. She is a Mindful Life enthusiast who takes a holistic approach toward helping and healing.

Having undergone her own journey of toxic stress and burnout, Lisa has dedicated her life to teaching others how to break through limiting mindsets rooted in the past to manifest peace and happiness in their present.

As a true advocate of healing, she offers community awareness and support on a local and global scale through retreats, workshops, live speaking engagements, blogging, active social media engagement on Instagram, and individual therapy. It is her passion and mission to help others to LOVE LIFE NOW.


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DISCLAIMER: This podcast is not intended for diagnostic or treatment purposes and is for educational use only. It is not to be used in place of therapy. If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health issues please reach out to the nearest appropriate professional.