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Let's Talk About It with Lori Streator

Jun 27, 2019

While judging other people is an innate human characteristic, that keeps us safe, it can cause low self esteem, resentment and intense frustration if we don't learn to deal with it.


Learning how to identify when we're judging someone else and refocusing that energy onto ourselves is an important part of our well...

Jun 24, 2019

So many people are treating their goals like a part time job but expecting full time results. 

When we don't put in the work, we tend to get frustrated because the "paycheck" is less than what we were hoping for. It's time to hold yourself accountable for the work you are or aren't putting in so that you can achieve the...

Jun 20, 2019

After multiple doctor visits, support from his wife and intensive therapy, Christian Newman was able to heal from Health Anxiety. Today he is sharing his experience with anxiety, practical tips he's used along the way and how he's helping others to overcome their own struggles.

Tune in to hear how Christian used...