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Let's Talk About It with Lori Streator

Dec 26, 2019

Instead of beating yourself up as you try to make decisions that lead you closer to your goals, ask yourself questions that will empower you! Hold yourself accountable while feeling good about what you're doing is so important no matter what your goal is...

Dec 19, 2019

So many people are hesitant to take the first step and ask for help because they're afraid of the unknown... what will the office be like? What will the therapist think of my issues? What does the first session look like???

Today I'm giving you an idea of some general things that occur - from making the initial...

Dec 12, 2019

Your thinking, positive or negative, ripples into ALL areas of your life. How your mind thinks about one thing determines how we tend to think about other things; so being really cognizant of our thoughts can make a HUGE impact!